We only sell products that are designed to help you build the habits that will allow you to create your ideal life.

Online Courses

What we teach and coach on every day is available online! Check out our courses on budgeting, home organization, eating healthy and more!

Envelope System

Our leather envelope organization systems make budgeting fun! Waterproof snaps on envelopes that include a budgeting log.

Vision Boards

These custom-made vision boards will help you put your dreams on paper in a beautiful, exciting way!

Less is More

We know YOU want a home you can feel peaceful in, a home that reflects your unique personality and family! In this workbook, we are going to walk you through a six step process to intentionally and thoughtfully minimize, then organize so that you can finally be present and enjoy your space!

Fitness Journal

We created this journal to help our clients get the most out of our coaching and to help them go further faster with their health & fitness goals. We teach about goals, thoughts, habits, routines, shopping strategies, not eating food your hate and so much more as a way to really change your life and get healthy.

Put Your Big Girl Panties On

Does it seem like adulting as a woman should’ve come with a training manual? Well, now you’ve got one.In this down-to-earth and funny how-to guide, coach Shana will let you know you’re not alone, help you feel understood and give you some practical tips.