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Your event should have a big bang! It should be memorable! We want to make it fun and transformational. Our job is to help attendees feel better, get energized and be motivated for action when we get done!


There are so many topics that can make a difference in a life! Shana & Vanessa deliver fun, empowering, encouraging, action-based presentations that make audiences engage, see things differently and walk away with powerful takeaways.

Budget Like A Rockstar is a workshop where participants get to create a personalized zero-based budget and a step-by-step plan for their finances, saving money, getting out of debt and building wealth.

The more stuff we have, the more we stuff we have to maintain, organize, clean and store. Yet, the less we have, the more time, space and freedom we can have. At our Less is More Workshop, we teach to talk about the best practices with minimizing and organizing your home, including the six step process to completely conquer your entire home.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be boring nor should it be complicated. At the Fuel the Fortress Workshop, we get back to the basics of making healthy simple and fun. We also teach participants how to meal plan and meal prep.

Did you know that 83% of small businesses around the world are not profitable? Many small business owners are living month-to-month. In the Profit First Workshop, we teach you how to grow at the speed of cash and start making a profit immediately! We present Mike Michalowicz’s revolutionary Profit First method that will change your accounting forever. You’ll actually look forward to “running the numbers” and you’ll radically change the financial health of your business starting with your very next deposit.

At the Level 10 Life Workshop, participants assess each area of their life and then cast the vision on what would make it a “Level 10.” Next, participants create a vision board and a targeted action plan to achieve their top priority.

Communication is the often at the top of the list when it comes to team development topic requests. At our Communication Games Workshop, we dive deep into communication, play games, teach tools like the Ladder of Inference as well as the different communication styles & definitions followed with tips on how to communicate better.



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