Spring Clean your life!

‘Tis the season for resets & new beginnings.

Let’s take advantage of the energy that comes with this fabulous new season and take the opportunity to spring clean our lives. We’re going to declutter and refresh everything: your calendar, your budget and your home!

What do you get with this course?

  • 90 minute course that walks through the mindset shift, the problem, the solution, secret strategies and the process to spring clean your life.
  • A 40+ page workbook to help you go declutter, realign and refresh your schedule, your budget and your home.
  • 33 Journaling questions to help you get clarity of mind and plan each step.
  • Tips and strategies for each and every area we’re decluttering
  • Bonus 15 minute coaching session to help you get started once you’ve completed the workshop.

Declutter your schedule

Every yes we say means no to something else. Sometimes our schedule gets ahead of us. So, we’ll look at your time and see what needs to go and what needs to come in.

Declutter your budget

Your budget might just need a refresher. Then again, your commitment to your budget might be the thing that needs a refresher!

Declutter your home

We’re going to talk about the best practices with minimizing and organizing your home, including the six step process to completely conquer your entire home.

Let’s take a fresh look at your life and reset it to align with your goals!


Your investment is just $35. That includes breakfast, a workbook and the workshop! Virtual tickets are just $20 which includes the digital workbook + course.

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

Harriet Ann Jacobs