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$500 Cash for College Award

We want you to pay for college without going into debt. Remember, using student loans will automatically put you behind financially as soon as you start your adult life! It *IS* possible to pay for college without using debt. Because we believe that so strongly, we want to help!

We’re giving away $500 to a lucky student to use to pay for college. All you have to do is submit a college budget and a cover letter explaining how you’re going to do college debt free.

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Book A Free Mini Budget Session

At Ideal Balance, we are big fans of the next generation. We know you have so much on your side: your energy, your optimism and your time. We feel that if we can give you a little extra information and encouragement as you launch into adulthood, your potential is truly unlimited. That’s why we created a mini budget session for you! With this session, we’ll create your budget with you and coach you through what you need to know to handle your finances on your own as you step into adulthood!

Our mini budget session will take one hour and cost $100. You’ll receive:

  • A Financial Dashboard including Net Worth
  • A Custom Zero-Based Budget
  • Student Loan / Cash Flowing College Plan
  • Cash Spending System & Habit Plan
  • Strategic 1, 3 & 5 year Financial Plan w/ Action Steps

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Financial Coaching

Maybe you’ve talked to your parents or maybe even you are interested in financial coaching to learn how to budget, get out of debt, save money and build wealth. Here are the resources we have for you: