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Move of the day: Inchworms

Move of the day: Inchworms! 🐛

The inchworm is such a great move for total body strength & stabilization. You’ll find it appear pretty often in our warm ups at Ideal Balance because it gets the blood moving and heart pumping!

Start with feet hip width apart, then roll down and walk out on your hands to plank position, keeping abs in! Then walk hands back in toward feet and return to standing, smile at the top optional. 😉

This move strengthens, stretches and targets all stabilizing muscle and it targets the front (anterior chain) and back (posterior chain) of your body.

Give it a try!!!

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Move of the day: Dips!

Move of the day: Dips!

Dips are not new but they are humbling if you do them right!

The further in your feet are, the easier they are.
The further out your feet are, the tougher they are.
Stack one foot on the other to make them super tough!

The point of this movement isn’t to bounce up and down, it’s to intentionally bend at the elbows, even if it’s just a few inches!

We did 80 today but we suggest you give 3 sets of ten a try! You’ll feel it in a few days in your triceps, anterior deltoids (back of shoulders) and rhomboids & lats (back)!