Good things come to those who sweat!

Ideal Balance provides tough + fun 45-minute workouts that will help kids & teens overcome mental obstacles, set & reach goals and build a body they’re proud of.

A lot of kids stay healthy and fit because they’re busy playing sports.

But not all kids play sports.

Nope, some kids are like our sons: book nerds who really love math, Greek mythology and video games!

That doesn’t mean they don’t want to be healthy and fit. And it certainly doesn’t mean their parents want them left behind when it comes to learning about their body, their strength and building confidence.

That’s why we offer an afternoon class 3x a week that focuses on just that: teaching them to build strength and confidence in their bodies as well as their ability to do hard things. That’s what we all want for our kids.

So that’s what we’re offering. A place they can grow as a young adult in their health, fitness and nutrition knowledge.

What makes us different?

Unique Approach

We combine strength, cardio, flexibility and balance training in our programming in order to help you develop your best body both now and for the future. We also combine nutrition and life-coaching in our sessions to help you go further faster.

Small Groups

We believe small groups are the best atmosphere for life-change. Small groups allow you to develop meaningful relationships while allowing us to focus on you, your needs and your body each session.

Affordable + Hassle Free

When you start with Ideal Balance, there’s no joiner’s fee and you can cancel any time. You get 12 personal training sessions for $100 a month.

To get started, sign up on our Google Form so we can contact you & chat about you and how we should work together!

Monday, Wednesday + Friday


1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions also available!