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24 | Sex in marriage: don’t go dormant! Here’s why & how to keep that spark! Financial Coaching for Women: How To Budget, Manage Money, Pay Off Debt, Save Money, Paycheck Plans

⁠Book a free 30 minute financial coaching session with us! Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk about sex in your marriage! Normal marriage seems to include a dormant sex life and, unfortunately, a roommate-type of relationship. Sex forces a couple to be vulnerable with one another. You can’t be too proud when you’re naked (well, most of us can’t be). Sex forces us to break down the walls that get put up in a marriage. When walls come down, you can get past things that drove you apart, caused you to bicker, to feel distant. You can just be the two of you that you started off as.  In this episode we cover:  ✔️ Why sex is important in your marriage  ✔️ Benefits of sex  ✔️ How to make time for it  ✔️ Examples of how to create a spark  This episode is also available as a blog post & you can get your amazing date night bingo game here! Email us any questions: Interested in Coaching? We work 1:1 with clients to do everything we talk about in this show. If you’re interested, click this link to set up a FREE 30 minute free session with us. We’ll chat, get to know one another and see if coaching is a good option for you! There is no obligation whatsoever on this call, but we will give you some quick wins you can implement immediately to level up your money management! ⁠Book a free 30 minute financial coaching session with us!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠ Visit Our Website  "I love Shana & Vanessa and this podcast is amazing!" <– If that sounds like you, please consider rating and reviewing our show! It helps us to reach more people – just like you – to help them change their financial future. Don’t forget to follow the show so you don’t miss any episodes! And, if you’re feeling really generous, we’d be SO honored if you would share this podcast with someone.  Click here to view our privacy policy. — Send in a voice message: