There’s no such thing as an extra paycheck! Here’s how to manage that money instead.

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Do you ever get excited at the prospect of a 3 paycheck month? Or do you think your bonus is “extra” money?

Well, tough love friend, but we’re here to tell you why that’s not true
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The calendar is tricky.

Very often we think that third paycheck at the end of a month is awesome and extra. In fact, it’s typically going to have the job of paying your bills that are due in the first two weeks of the next month. For example, January the 29th 2021 may be an “extra” paycheck for some. The problem is the next paycheck doesn’t come until February 12th. Most of us have bills with due dates in the first 11 days of the month, right? Right. So, your January 29th paycheck is actually kind of like your Feb. 1st paycheck.

The paycheck calendar can be tricky. Extra paychecks can really mess you up if you don't plan correctly.

You’re going to need that check!

Let’s say you didn’t have any bills or you paid all the bills with the first two paychecks. You’ll still find that a good portion of that paycheck needs to fund your food, gas and spending money for the two weeks. You see, time doesn’t stand still just because there is an “extra” paycheck. Nope, you still require food and other things even then! And, let’s not forget the cost of those necessities continues to rise.

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Think bigger than paycheck to paycheck.

The real problem here is your thinking. You’re thinking paycheck to paycheck. You’re thinking small (as in not big goal minded). You’re thinking reactionary instead of proactively along with the 78% of other workers living paycheck to paycheck.

Paychecks are great. But let's get beyond paycheck to paycheck.

There’s NEVER any extra dollars, just dollars with jobs.

What you need to do is budget EVERY DOLLAR you earn, EVERY single month. Purposefully.

Your budgets need to reflect your highest priorities. For many that’s saving money, paying off debt, investing or funding things like travel & charity. Every “extra” dollar goes to those goals every single time. That means there aren’t really any “extra” dollars. Nope, every dollar has a regular ol’ j-o-b.

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