What hasn’t changed?

Last week we coached about trying to balance your thoughts out. Right now it’s easy to focus on the bad, the crazy and the scary that’s going on in the world. It’s not just easy, it’s human and it’s normal. Aiming to get rid of all of those thoughts would not only be impossible, it would also be kind of crazy. Instead, we talked about trying to balance them out with good. So, while we might automatically think, “I am scared” we can intentionally balance that thought out with, “I am scared but I’m pushing through.” Balancing what feels authentic with a way for your brain to focus on something good and/or hopeful is many of our best case scenarios. Another example we gave was “I am running out of money.” This may be true but you can certainly add on using evidence from your past. Maybe you say, “I am running out of money but I am resourceful.” As we said, everyone has evidence in their past of doing hard things and being resourceful. Let’s draw on that now.

Today we want to give you another mental balancing exercise. Right now it’s very easy to focus on what has changed in our world. Our schedules, our economy, our health, our day-to-day, our schools, our jobs, our social life. E-A-S-Y. What we want to invite you to think about today is what has NOT changed. Go through your life and think about what hasn’t changed.

  • The birds haven’t stopped chirping.
  • The sun hasn’t stopped shining.
  • My kids haven’t stopped making me laugh.
  • My favorite book hasn’t changed storylines.
  • Cooking for my family hasn’t stopped bring me joy.
  • My partner hasn’t stopped smelling good.
  • Praying hasn’t stopped making me feel better.
  • My crazy facebook friend hasn’t stopped ranting.

This is a terrific exercise in creating calm and creating gratitude. It also allows us to realize what really matters in life.

Now, the only trick here is that times like these might be magnifying some things that haven’t changed that you may WANT to change. Your budget, your health, your home…if you want some help to change those things, of course that’s what coaching is for. If not, sit back and feel the good! =D

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