What if you could go out to eat and focus on the people instead of the food?

The real reason we like to go out to eat or have family dinner is really the company. The food just happens to be a nice addition.

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Unfortunately, our food culture / society has completely messed that up. In generations past, we may have been at the table for hours eating whole, real and mostly healthy food that’s all changed now. Now, the food-like substances are almost all that we consume. And they taste WAY better than they should, so we eat WAY more than we should.

Then we feel bad or we gain weight. Or both. It’s a vicious cycle.

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We know you can get to the point where:

  1. Food isn’t the most exciting part of your day
  2. You don’t even want to enjoy those food-like substances anymore

That’s what happened to our client this week. She had this epiphany and she was so proud!

I just enjoyed talking to everyone at dinner instead of worrying about overeating.


When you get to this point, you can just show up for the real good stuff: your friends, family, jokes, stories, fellowship. With a *small* side of food.

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