Stop stressing about money!

Financial coaching helps you to gain the freedom that not being stressed about money can bring! We will figure out your goals and identify the problems. Then we will attack the problems with a plan so we can achieve your goals. As Ramsey Certified Financial Coaches, we will help you create a zero-based budget so that you can get out of debt and fund your future.

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What does coaching look like?

Our fee is $150 per month. We will meet twice a month. One session will be specifically targeted toward your budget while the other will function mainly as an accountability meeting. Our very first session, we’ll get everything on the table and create your specific budget and your specific Get-Out-Of-Debt plan. We’re going to find money, you’ll feel like you got a raise! Then, we will continue to coach on your goals, your progress, your concerns and the money habits you need to develop. There’s more to the story, that’s just the beginning!

How do I pay for coaching when I feel broke?

Financial coaching gives you a high level of detail and individual attention. When you start to look at getting your finances in order, you’ll find a lot of information available. What a coach offers is a specific plan based on your circumstances along with individual attention and coaching devoted specifically to your situation. Although financial coaching can be expensive, it is a necessity for some. For others, however, it is a luxury. You will have to decide where to draw the line.

For many people, the initial cost of 3-6 months of financial coaching is absolutely worth the investment because:

  • Creating that first budget usually feels like getting a raise.
  • Getting out of debt creates the opportunity for wealth like they’ve never seen before.
  • Reducing stress about money is priceless.
  • Their marriages improve along with their ability to communicate and tackle tough goals together.
  • They finally get to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.
  • Compared to the cost of bankruptcy ($500—2,000 in legal fees alone) or the cost of credit counseling ($30—$50 / month for 4 years)