What to eat for dinner formula

What’s for dinner is the most annoying and most asked question ever. We get it.

We’re making it simple for you. You don’t have to think any harder than this formula. If you follow this formula, you WILL lose weight if you need to and you WILL feel better and you WILL sleep better. Bonus: you won’t have to think about dinner so much.

What to do for dinner doesn’t have to be so difficult

So, buy proteins and vegetables. Stop overcomplicating it. Stop adding in fake food to dinner. This goes for your family too.

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Instead of using food as a source of pleasure ALL THE TIME AND EVERY MEAL we suggest you plan fun and enjoyable things to do after dinner. Inject it on purpose. Don’t snack, don’t become a zombie in front of a tv or phone.

Plan stuff for after dinner that doesn’t involve snacking or sitting in front of the tv

Alright, you can do it. By using this formula, you’re agreeing that you & your family’s health are more important to you than temporary taste bud delight. You’re agreeing that you want to be healthy, have energy and not be on the road to lifelong medications. You’re agreeing that your life is better and more rich than just the food you eat.

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