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A lot of people don’t realize the underlying stress and frustration in their lives is caused by an unbalanced life. So at Ideal Balance, we help people get healthy, get organized and get debt-free.

What we do is a reflection of what we believe. This week we are taking a look at our three core beliefs:

Good things come to those who work hard & are disciplined.

We absolutely love our clients and we want the best for them. The solution to every one of their problems, aside from prayer, is always hard work and discipline.

Hard work gets a bad rap but it’s the stuff that all the best things are made of. When we think of everything that we have in life that we truly love and treasure, we must admit that we came by it through hard work. In the rare instance that is untrue, that’s the unmerited favor, the blessings, the goodness that we can’t ever take credit for.

But! The things that we can take credit for, those things are always a product of hard work. And you know what’s cool? That hard work is something we can and should be proud of. The hard work you’ve done to buy a house, to have children, to be married, to get that promotion, to help others in a time of need–those are the things your character, your memories and your sweat have made possible.

So, if we know that good things come from hard work, we’re going to lean into that at Ideal Balance. We know our clients have goals like losing weight, getting our of debt and getting their homes organized. If you know hard work works, then you should lean into hard work, right? So we encourage, empower, push, motivate, bribe, and pretty much anything else to help our clients put in the hard work it takes to achieve their goals.

Hard work works. -Ideal Balance

Unfortunately, you don’t always feel like working hard. Did you just nod your head? This is true for all of us. So, we add discipline into the recipe so that Hard work + Discipline = Good Things.

Discipline was defined by President Abraham Lincoln this way:

Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.

Abraham Lincoln

While hard work will get us there, we have to have the self-discipline to keep at the hard work, even when we don’t feel like it. It’s really important to understand that we won’t always want to put into the work. It’s important to acknowledge that with ourselves before we embark on the journey toward a goal. It’s going to take hard work and I’m not always going to want to do it…but I am going to do it anyway. I’m going to choose to be disciplined, I’m going to choose mind over matter even when I don’t feel like it. When we do that, we are able to anticipate and overcome the moments where our toddler brains try to talk us out of hard work.

The “D” word gets a bad rap but it really shouldn’t. Discipline is what helps you achieve. The goals you desire to achieve. In that way, discipline is like your best friend and it’s something you should be really happy to have around!

At Ideal Balance, we don’t assume this discipline will come to you all on your own. Nope, we keep it real. We work on building habits and thought patterns which will ultimately be the key to being disciplined. Habits are what make hard work become easy and inevtiable. Taking control of our brain, understanding that we want to choose the pain of discipline over the pain of regret is also what makes in-the-moment decision making for discipline easier.

So, we understand that discipline brings stability, consistency, structure and, honestly, freedom in your life. We understand that hard work is both the end and the means to all of our favorite things. With these things in mind, we believe:

Good things come to those who work hard & are disciplined.

Ideal Balance is The Life Coaching Facility in Navarre, Florida that focuses on Fitness, Family & Finance. We help our clients create the discipline & habits they need to strip off what’s holding them back from living the life God created them to live. We work with clients in 1-on-1 sessions in person and virtually as well as in Small Groups in Personal Training sessions, workshops and other events. We’re on a mission to inject hope and empower our community one client at a time. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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