Why your spouse isn’t on board with financial coaching

We very often get folks that want to hire us as their financial coaches but one thing stops them:

Their loving spouse.

We mean that sincerely. When a woman says “my husband isn’t on board” we know it’s typically because of the following reasons:

Money: We understand it’s a financial commitment. But we think of it as an investment in YOU. An investment in your future, in your family’s legacy. No one ever regrets it at the end. When you’re on the other side of paying THOUSANDS of dollars in debt off, this small investment will seem piddly. We have never had anyone say they regret the investment. We have had the skeptical spouses become our biggest fans though. Also, you’re never under a contract with us. You can end the coaching relationship at any time!

Privacy: Our process is totally confidential. No one needs to know you’re coaching unless you want them to. Now, studies show there is some privacy between spouses in their finances, that is spouses often hide certain debts or spending habits from one another. That is something we will have tackle and we will get it all out on the table between the two of you. Don’t worry, we’ll be there. We’ll coach you. We will all approach it with an attitude of learning, loving, forgiveness and a fresh start!

Shame: We know husbands are the leaders of the house, they feel the financial burden for their family-some ways this can seem like they’ve failed. The opposite is true however. Instead, we see you as the heroes in your own story. You should both be proud that you’re willing to do what it takes to change your family tree. You’re fighting for financial freedom and using every tool available. There’s nothing shameful about that. We have to admit when we don’t know what we don’t know. No one likely taught you about personal finance. That’s alright. Let’s course correct and build a new legacy!

“Marriage is a partnership, and couples can’t win with money unless they budget as a team.”

–Dave Ramsey

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