Ideal Balance is a coaching service.

We make it nearly impossible to fail at getting healthy, getting organized and getting debt-free. Specifically, we will help you lose weight, declutter your home or get on a budget in our one-time intensive sessions.

We really mean it too.

We even guarantee the results. If you aren’t totally in love with coaching and your roadmap, we require you to ask for your money back. From our perspective, we only want to earn money from people who love working with us. 

We start with one-time intensive sessions, which cost $200.

Afterward, you have the option to continue with monthly coaching.

This is what you get with Ideal Balance:

  1. Coaching. One time intensive coaching session. We start off with a 1.5 hour long coaching session where we learn everything about you and do a full assessment in 10 categories.
  2. Roadmap. After your coaching session, you will receive a custom, step-by-step action plan on how to lose weight, declutter your home or get on a budget.
  3. Tools. You’ll have access to all of our signature workouts, meal plans, checklists, schedules, budgets, trackers and cheat sheets and training videos that will make success inevitable.

Financial Coaching

We’re on a mission to help people stop stressing about money, get out of debt and build wealth. As Ramsey Certified Financial Coaches, we help clients create a zero-based budget that allows them to reach their financial goals.

We know you work hard and you are tired of worrying about money. You might feel like your finances are too overwhelming and so you’re avoiding looking at the numbers. Maybe you find yourself arguing about money with your spouse. You might feel you’re too smart to be struggling to create or stick to a budget.

That’s where we come in.

We understand that no one taught you how to manage your money. We help clients rip the bandaid off, face their finances and come up with a simple plan to achieve their goals. We take the mystery out of creating a realistic budget, getting out of debt and building toward a future where you feel financially free! It’s our mission to restore peace to your finances, change your bad money habits and help you create a future you’re excited to work for.

Health Coaching

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to health and nutrition. We cut through it with our systemized, proven plan to help you get results whether your goals are to lose weight, change habits, be more energetic, gain strength or just feel better.

We know you’ve tried this. You’ve tried that. Sometimes you’re motivated, sometimes you’re not. You care about how you look and feel but maybe you don’t like to talk about it much to others or even to yourself. We also know there is so much information out there you’re not sure where to start and who to believe.

That’s where we come in.

We understand that you’re being pulled in a million directions and focussing on your health seems like the last item on an endless to-do list. We make getting health make sense according to your specific goals and lifestyle. We also make things simple and apply a step-by-step approach in order to help you establish habits and rhythms that you can adopt without a lot of stress and maintain without drama.

Life Coaching

We coach people to define what they want and then to take action in order to get there. We work on mindset, motivation, discipline and decision-making all the while helping you navigate through the discomfort and obstacles that come with growth and change.

We know you’ve said it before and you’ll say it again. “I need to get my life together.” No matter how serious or silly you were being, we know we can help you. You might feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot on your plate, you’re helping a lot of other people and you just can’t seem to find the motivation or energy to achieve your goals. Maybe you’ve lost sight of what those are, maybe you’ve lost hope that you can find time to focus on you.

That’s where we come in.

We understand that life has taken over and you’re probably feeling that just keeping up is as it gets. We understand that you probably don’t know where to begin. We even understand that you may have tried, and failed, at achieving your goals. Been there, done that– did not get the t-shirt. We help clients carve out time and space to think, to figure out where they stand and to dream again. Then we help them devise a plan that they can stick to to achieve their “Level 10 Life.” It’s our mission to restore your hope, energy, motivation and to help you achieve the special dreams that are hiding inside of you!