Work With Us

Small Group Personal Training

Ideal Balance provides tough + fun 45-minute personal training sessions combined with nutrition + lifestyle coaching that will help you overcome mental obstacles, set & reach goals in order to build a body you’re proud of.

Health Coaching

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to health and nutrition. We cut through. it all with our systemized, proven plan and help you start where you’re at and get results whether your goals are to lose weight, change habits, be more energetic, gain strength or just feel better.

Life Coaching

We coach people to define what they want and then to take action in order to get there. We work on mindset, motivation, discipline and decision-making all the while helping you navigate through the discomfort and obstacles that come with growth and change.

Financial Coaching

We’re on a mission to help people stop stressing about money, get out of debt and build wealth. As Ramsey Certified Financial Coaches, we help clients create a zero-based budget that allows them to reach their financial goals.

Home Organization

Your home is your sanctuary. Unfortunately, for most of us, home is not relaxing but filled with clutter and to-do lists that stress you out and keep you from enjoying downtime. Our team helps you cast a vision, make decisions, declutter and design a space you love.

Business Consulting

Leading people, products and services in today’s world is not for the faint of heart. Our business consultant studies your business’ activities and then helps you devise and implement solutions that improve company culture, morale, efficiency and profitability.