You can serve others while serving yourself

Too many women buy into the idea that they have to choose between taking care of themselves or taking care of their families. Even if they do not consciously believe it, they certainly behave like it.

  • Too busy to workout because of all the extracurricular activities.
  • Can’t eat healthy because they’ll complain.
  • No time for hobbies, friends, volunteering or reading because they are devoted to making sure their KIDS do those things.

So, they out taking care of their family before taking care of themselves. As we’ve said before, that simply ensures that you can’t show up fully as the lovely woman you are and, eventually, it’ll lead to burn out and most likely health issues.

You can have both. It’s not easy though. It requires discipline, tough choices and prioritization. It requires MORE of the person. So, many most people would rather stay comfortable rather than push for something great that requires extra when they feel that they’re already spent.

However: you can make time for your workouts and for the things that are developing your kiddos. You can make healthy, delicious food that they will eat and you feel good about. You can pursue your interest and desires while assisting your family in doing the same.

It just takes intentionality and maybe a little coaching. 😉

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