You can tackle the decluttering! Here’s how.

The clutter creeps in slowly and before you know it, it’s taken over. And then it seems like it’s too big to tackle.

It’s not. You just have to make it a priority and it helps to have some tools and strategies at your disposal. More than anything though, it’s most important to own how much it really is affecting you, your family and the way your home feels. We’re not all neat freaks, but we do all desire order and peace in our homes.

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A little extra coaching that happened in this session today might encourage you:

You can conquer clutter!
  1. Make sure you know exactly when & where you can drop off donations before your begin. There is nothing worse than having boxes or bags lingering around after you’ve done all of this hard work! Moreover, it can lead to some of the items making their way back in. So, make it systematic. Always know how you can easily donate.
  2. Don’t wait to sell it. We tell our clients that the money has already been spent. No matter what, you’re not getting that back. If you wait and try to sell it, you’re giving the STUFF more of your time and more of your energy. We need to stop that! Decide that donating everything allows you to be instantly free AND to be a blessing to someone else. That’s a win-win.
  3. Tackling little amounts is fine here and there but to truly transform your home, you’re going to need to GO BIG. You’re going to need to schedule BIG BLOCKS of time to dedicate. You will not get your home in order one bag at a time, you’ll barely be able to tread water. Instead, go big all at once and then MAINTAIN your hard work with a bag or box here and there.
  4. Maintenance is as simple as adopting the concept of one in, one out. Get a new shirt? Find one to donate. Our client said if she gets an Amazon box in, she is going to fill that same box with donations. Great idea for maintaining your hard work.
  5. Embrace your role as homeowner or home maker. It doesn’t mean you’re a maid or a housekeeper. It simply means that you understand that your home IS where the heart is, it’s where the magic and the family and the fun and the memories happen. And you get to steer that ship. Avoiding won’t help.

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