You can’t organize clutter.

You can try. You can pay professionals to help you or you can DIY. Either way the process is the same: your stuff will be color coded, put in shelves and drawers and cabinets and it will look great. For a day or two. Even when you stack it up nice and neatly, it’s going to slowly start seeping and spreading out again.

That’s because you cannot organize clutter. You have to get rid of it, once and for all. In order to get your home where you want to get it, you have to reduce. We’re not storing it. We’re not organizing it. We’re eliminating it. We’re going to shift our mindsets in the process and the entire thing is going to be life changing. 

Less is more.

That’s the major mindset shift we need to make in order to truly get our homes detoxed. Less stuff means more free time because you’re not busy taking care of all your stuff. Less stuff around means you can appreciate the stuff you do have even more. It’s that simple. 

Less requires action though. What’s really fascinating is that when we do that, when we detox our home, we actually feel the physical effects in our bodies too. When our homes are cluttered, our minds are cluttered. There is a strange phenomenon where many professional organizers report their clients having other major life breakthroughs after their homes have been detoxed such as finally losing weight, getting debt free or landing their dream job. It makes a lot of sense. Your home is your sanctuary, your home base. If you can get it in order, your entire life can change. 

Fix your home, fix your life.

Really. You’ll find you feel relieved, you feel physically lighter, you will have more confidence and you’ll be more decisive. It’s an awesome journey. But, it’s not easy. Embarking on this journey takes some mental toughness, it can be emotional. It’s like a good workout though. It might be tough in the moment and you might get tired, but you’re going to push through. And when you’re done, you’re going to be proud, you’re going to see results and you’re going to be satisfied. 

If you’d like help adopting the less is more philosophy to your home, let us help you. We have two options:

  1. We’ll do the work for you.
  2. We guide you through weekly coaching sessions where we teach & physically help you go through your stuff, take your discard pile away in our magic box of disappearing and give you some easy homework.

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